Meet Carrie Lloyd.

Carrie is one woman unafraid to ask the hard relationship questions to a generation questioning the relevancy of purity and spirituality in the modern world. As a professional writer, life coach, and pastor, Carrie navigates every topic imaginable in the dating world, from often hush-hush topics of sex, porn, shame, female competition, misconceptions about purity, and those dreaded “waiting till marriage” conversations. 

She has written about such topics from fashion to relationships for Glamour, Magnify, Grazia, Company, The Huffington Post, and City and spoken about sex, love, and communication in schools throughout the UK and churches worldwide, as well as on television and radio. Originally from London, Carrie currently resides in Redding, California, where she has completed ministry training and works at Bethel Church.

What are People Saying?

“If, like me, you’re dissatisfied with the rubbish about love, life and relationships that you sometimes inhale, here’s your chance to breathe in beautiful and wild words of wisdom that lead to Life. Carrie has captured the art of celebrating who she is while still believing the best is yet to come. It makes for a captivating read and an even more infectious life!”   

Rachel Gardner (Founder, Romance Academy)

“It may be that this does not paint the whole picture of your single life, but guaranteed there will be plenty of shared experience, hurts, accidents and adventures within these pages. With refreshing honesty, courage and humour Carrie publicly has the conversation so many of us have had in private. Her passion for Christ is a constant theme throughout this engaging, challenging and inspiring read.”

            — Katharine Welby-Roberts (A21 Ambassador, blogger, speaker)

"Carrie is not afraid to say it as she sees it, and whether you agree with her or not, what comes across more than anything else is her infectious passion for Jesus and her longing for others to encounter him and be changed."

Bill Cahusac (24-7 Prayer GB Leadership Team)