Fox News Op-Ed, March 2016 – 'Why I'm Proud to be a Prude' 


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Amanda DeCadenet's 'The Conversation" – 'The Difference Between Religion and Faith: An Interview with Carrie Lloyd.' Interview by Dawn O'Porter.

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RADIo & video

The 700 Club - Carrie chats with Wendy on CBN's 'The 700 Club' - Watch it here

TBN UK – Carrie chats with Zania on TBN UK's 'Partner Time.' Watch the full interview here.

Premier Radio – Carrie is interviewed by Loretta Andrews on the Loretta Drive Time show. Listen here.

The Virgin Monologues book teaser trailer – Watch it here

Youth Work Summit Conference – Carrie holds a TED-like talk in Kent, England called 'Hope in Heaven.' Watch it here.

Premier Radio On-Demand – Katherine Welby Roberts interviews Carrie about knowing who God is, depression and relationships. Watch it here.

The Virgin Monologues 

Carrie's first book is UK-published, The Virgin Monologues: Confessions of a Christian Girl in a Twenty-First Century World. Purchase your copy at the link below.

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About TVM

As a Christian girl in the twenty-first century, is purity relevant? How can you do healthy relationships while you are single?  

Mr. Potential never reach his potential? Is the fear of singledom making you settle for second-rate? And why are so many Christians so Christ-less in their approach to dating? Ditching the checklist for finding Prince Charming, this is an honest, amusing account of the true-life trials of Christian dating from journalist and relationship coach Carrie Lloyd. She guides you with wit and sparkle, through the tried and tested tools that help to create beautiful Christ-like relationships.